Child of Beauty, Child of Light
I hold You on this glorious night
You came to me with Love and prayer
The Savior of my world to share

I kiss Your Face and Know Your Life
I look ahead I see the strife
For now you are my Little Son
Our Journey now has just begun

I'll watch You as You learn to walk
I'll hear Your sweet words when you talk
My most Precious Child of Love
You are the gift of God above

For now You are my Treasured Guest
Within my heart and soul so Blest
My Little Child I Love You so
Today my heart with Joy does flow

My Son, My Child, My Little One
Your days in Life are now woven
When you need a place to rest
Upon my heart Your head caressed

This night that You were born to me
The angels sang so beautifully
Sleep now Jesus do not fear
Your Mother's Heart forever near.