I see a man with kindness,
Walking through a crowd.
Talking about our Father's love;
Eternal life he vowed.

The son of God and Messenger,
To all that were on earth.
Fulfilled what was prophesied,
By His manger birth.

Was sent to us with a mission,
That every one would hear.
That God loved each and every one,
To Him each is so dear.

A lunch multiplied and all were fed;
People healed by his hand..
Some regained their sight again,
At our Lord's command

He taught them how they should live;
How to have eternal life.
Taught them to love their neighbor and,
Help them through their strife.

Because of this he suffered, so
That each of us might live..
On a cross at Mount Calvary,
His life He did give.

I thank you my sweet Jesus, and
When I stand before thee.
I pray I will be worthy of,
What you did for me.