"It is finished," they heard Him say.
He prayed to God, and passed away.
When they thought that He had died,
They thrust a spear into His side.
They laid his body in a grave,
Not even His, - a borrowed cave.
A guard was placed, although He'd died,
This man whom they had crucified.

Before the dawn, without warning
Early on that Sunday morning,
A boulder moved to clear the way,
And let the cave see light of day.
The stone was huge, but rolled uphill,
For it was moved by God's own will.
Those who saw it fell down as dead,
They were so filled with fear and dread.

The Son of God was in that place.
Three days before, He died for grace.
It was our sin that put Him there.
The Guiltless Son had paid our fare.
The Father's love will now abound
To raise His Son out of that ground.
To life eternal He is raised!
Now evermore, let Him be praised.

For love and grace this thing was done.
Glory and honor He has won.
To reconcile us, He had died.
He sits, enthroned, at God's right side.
This is the Son that we adore,
For He has opened Heaven's door.
He's our Savior, and He's our Lord.
Let us praise Him in one accord.

The King of Kings is still the Word.
Prayers through Him are always heard.
His Spirit still is here today,
To give us Life, and show the Way.
Let us seek Him as wise men do.
He is the One who's always true.
He is the Life, the only Way.
Can you not hear His call today?

Glen Pysell

It Was Me performed by Michael Combs