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Jesus, What A Wonder You Are

Jesus, what a wonder You are.
You are so gentle,
so pure, and so kind.
You shine like the morning star.
Jesus, what a wonder You are.

Lord, I put my life in your hands,
and you have lightened my way.
I trust in your every word
And follow them every day.

Whatever path you lead me to
I know I am not walking alone,
I know you will always walk with me
To guide me safely home.

As long as you and I are connected
My life is free of despair,
I have no fears on lonely roads
Your presence is everywhere.

Overcoming gloomy shadows
The darkness yields to your light,
I pray that you will never leave me
Please keep me in your light.

Help me Lord, to understand
Which path you’d have me take,
I trust your word in every way
My journey is no mistake.

So when I get to the end of the road
And we’re standing face to face,
I’ll thank you again for your guidance
For bringing me to the right place.