How do you approach Jesus?  Do you experience healing and a compassionate touch from Jesus?  Do you confess your neediness to God?

Scripture tells us that Jesus came to give us life to the full.  He came to destroy the works of the devil and to bring us into the kingdom of God.  Why?  Because those who know God's love walk this earth with confidence and joy.  They testify to the world of the power in reaching out to Jesus.  The devil's main goal, on the other hand, is to fill our minds with fear and doubts about whether Jesus cares about us.

Have you ever questioned God's love and forgiveness?  Have you ever doubted his power to heal you or to forgive you?  Don't be afraid or anxious!  All God asks is that you come to him aware of your need and trusting in his love.  This kind of humility can open the floodgates of heaven.

No one is unacceptable to Jesus!  No one is too far from his outstretched arms.  When he hung on the cross, his left arm extended infinitely to the past, and his right arm extended infinitely to the future.  Let him hold you in his embrace.  Acknowledge your need and reach out to Jesus.  Your life will never be the same.

"Lord Jesus, I need you.  I give you all of my worries, fears, and struggles.  Come, Lord, and make me into the person you want me to be."

I am failed and imperfect
but when I am touched by Your grace
I'm refreshed and revived.
And Your strength and Your comfort
soon help me to see
that in You I am truly alive.

I am desperately trying to see
all the things that you want me to be.
I am awed by Your presence,
please hold on to me.
Give me wisdom so I'll understand.

Though my heart longs to please You
my pride is so strong,
and I constantly battle with sin.
Oh please help me be humble
and follow along.
May the truth of Your Way slowly win.

I am desperately hoping to find
that Your love is transforming my mind
and the pride that I harbor will fade away.
Oh please dwell in my heart Lord, I pray.

In the ocean of blessings You freely provide
I can feel that You're there by my side.
I'm amazed that You love me
though sometimes I fall.
My Redeemer, I give You my all.

I am desperately seeking Your face,
and I ponder the depths of Your grace,
as the pain and the heartache I have inside
are washed away with the tide.

by Thomas Blackshear II

The scene of Forgiven is Mount Calvary

A despairing man has a mallet in one hand and a large spike in the other.  Both symbolize that each of us is responsible for Christ's death on the cross.  Jesus Christ is holding up this broken man.  At Christ's feet are broken chains, representing the sin that was overcome at Calvary.  There is a trace of blood on Christ's hands, and in the place where blood has fallen, lilies have grown.