When Santa Claus met Jesus Christ,
So the story goes ...
He bowed his head, and then he said,
"Dear Lord, I need to know."

"Every year I fill my sleigh,
With lots and lots of toys,
And I fly high across the sky,
Delivering them with joy."

"I get letters from the children,
They ask for many things,
And so hard I try to satisfy,
With each toy that I bring."

"It is my mission every year,
To reach each child I can,
To leave love and joy with every toy,
As I fly throughout the land."

"But lately, Lord, I'm wondering,
Am I doing wrong,
To drive my sleigh on Your Birthday,
And hear cute Santa songs?"

"I'm troubled, for there is no way
I would invade your territory,
I'd feel very bad, if I made you sad,
I do not seek such glory."

So then the Lord ... who's very wise,
Spoke to Santa's heart direct,
"You're a necessary emissary,
You are one of my elect."

"I'm pleased to see your jolly self,
Make so many children smile;
I, too, rejoice for girls and boys,
And I feel you're most worthwhile."

"On my birthday, years ago,
In the manger where I lay,
You bowed to me on bended knee,
You, too, were born that day."

"Dear Santa Claus, I've chosen you,
My First Ambassador of Cheer,
Please celebrate on my birth date,
And do this every year."

"You're a blessed fantasy and dream,
And you're essential on this earth,
You're a needed part in all men's hearts,
Of everlasting childlike mirth."

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