God's children had gone astray,
Wandering here and there.
Living in sin and destruction,
And no one seemed to care.

He wanted to send a messenger;
One that all could see.
To tell them of the news He had,
Including you and me.

The messenger came as A Perfect Gift,
To all mankind on the earth.
God sent His only son.
And was called Jesus at His birth.

He sent His son so all could know,
What God wanted to teach.
He preached among the multitudes,
And thousands He did reach.

He taught them of a Loving God,
Who knew of our hurts and fears.
One that would be so honored,
If asked to dry our tears.

He said upon Him to cast our burdens,
Too heavy none shall be!
And one day He died on a cross,
Especially for you and me.

He took on the sins of the world,
That we may have eternal life.
To live forever and always,
With our Father up above.

Baby Jesus was the perfect gift
That we could ever receive.
And this gift is ours for the taking
If we only believe.